Key features

  • Reduce the temperature of the solar hot spot above 20℃ and current intensity between each cell, increase the efficiency and power.
  • Low-temperature coefficient
  • Power warranty of 83.2% after 25 years (loss of 0.6% efficiency per year)
  • Low LCOE( Levelized Cost of Energy), Large size of the light-receiving area, and power
  • Reduction of the risk of micro-cracks
  • Reducing the loss of current mismatch  and resistance between each cell


  • TUV SUD (IEC 61730/ IEC 61215)
  • Salt Mist (IEC 61701)
  • Ammonia Corrosion (IEC 62716)
  • Anti-PID
  • Sand and DUST (IEC 60068-2-68).
  • ISO 9001 and comply with good Quality Management Systems.


Technical specifications

Type of Cells: Monocrystalline (166*83 mm)
Number of Cells: 144
Dimensions: 2102*1040*35 mm
Weight: 24.5 kg
Maximum System Voltage: 1000/1500V
Frame: Aluminium Alloy
Junction box: IP68
Cable: 4.0 mm2 , 300/1300mm
Connector: MC4 EVO2 compatible